KWorld Dark Pyramid Speakers

We have seen many different brands of speakers throughout the years, and generally they tends to stick to the same shape, either rectangular or square or sometimes sphere shaped. However, KWorld's taking a different step and created pyramid shaped speakers, complete with pyramid shaped satellite speakers and volume control.


The Dark Pyramid D14+ comes in four main parts, namely two satellite speakers, a subwoofer and their pyramid shaped volume control which also doubles as a line out for a pair of headphones and as a line in for any external devices like a PSP or an iPod for example. The volume control also surprisingly lights up red when its switched on, which does seem to glow with an ominous light but still handy for telling people that the unit is on rather than the generic red or green 'on' light. The back of the subwoofer has the usual input and control ports as well as an on and off switch and a master volume control, so its pretty standard.

Setting up the unit is pretty easy, as long as you are aware of where each cable goes. The included cables aren't too short considering they're for a set of PC speakers but aren't long enough to make setup annoying either, but they're very capable of being just as big a mess if you aren't good at cable management.

As far as the sound quality is concerned, KWorld's D14+ speakers are just about average, as average as a 2.1 Hi-Fi Sound system can be anyway. The bass wasn't powerful enough to our liking, even at full blast and the mid tones and highs were pretty much just average. However, even at full blast the bass didn't quite crackle so there's definitely some solid make there. So, unless you are an audiophile or someone who really loves to listen to high quality music, this probably wouldn't bother you so much considering these are a pair of PC. For more regular uses like watching videos or gaming on the PC the speakers are more than adequate.

For the price of RM 85, the D14+ speakers still come for a decent price. They're still better than your bog-standard generic PC speakers but not nearly as powerful as higher end speakers like what Creative normally dishes out. So if you need a decent pair of speakers for a lower average price point, check out KWorld's Dark Pyramid D14+
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