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USB Hybrid TV Stick (VS-DVBT 323U)
Convert Your PC/Notebook into a Hybrid TV!!
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Portable Stylish Slider TV Stick!
The semi-transparent arc slider cover represents your taste and style. This beautiful slider cover is designed to avoid misplacing the USB cover. The portable size makes it easy to be taken from home to work, or during business trips. KWorld USB Hybrid TV Stick assists users to enjoy on-the-go entertainment in style!

Advanced Heat-Resistance and Stability
For the safety and stability of your PC or NB, the advanced design of KWorld USB Hybrid TV Stick efficiently improves its heat-resistance feature and stability by directing the cool air into the bottom holes and warm air out from the top.

Supports Worldwide Live Digital or Analog TV
Support worldwide analog TV, and free-to-air digital TV (DVB-T). With KWorld USB Hybrid TV Stick, you can enjoy live TV anywhere, anytime!!

Never Miss a Show with Time-Shifting and Scheduled-Recording
It always happens during the most exciting moment; you need a bathroom break?With KWorld USB Hybrid TV Stick, you may pause the on-going show and resume afterwards.Another overtime work-day, but your favorite TV is scheduled to be on tonight!You may record the shows, so you don't miss anything.

Powers-off the PC by Remote Control
Enjoy changing the TV channels by a remote control! KWorld USB Hybrid TV Stick includes a slim remote control. The infrared remote sensor is hidden under the soft curve nameplate of KWorld PlusTV Hybrid Stick - a unique design in the market place.

Supports Resizable Users Interface
Combining with KWorld's HyperMediaCenter, users will be able to enjoy their favorite show/s in full screen or resizable window while multi-tasking (playing games, writing reports…etc).

KWorld Technology: EeePC Compatible
Close to Christmas 2007, ASUS has steered up a storm with its newest EeePC; in the following months, many other computer makers will also be following this trend.Staying ahead is part of our game at KWorld with many of KWorld multimedia dongles now compatible with EeePC to provide maximum entertainment with maximum mobility.